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CYBEX ePriam 3-in-1 Travel System Matte with Black Details Baby Stroller – Indigo Blue

CYBEX ePriam 3-in-1 Travel System Matte with Black Details Baby Stroller – Indigo Blue

Intelligent, intuitive, and singularly innovative, the CYBEX e-PRIAM empowers you to glide up and down hills with ease, and across uneven surfaces like sand, gravel or cobblestones without missing a step. The Sensors in the handlebar monitor pushing and pulling effort, giving you a helping hand when you need it most. As part of our 3-in-1 Travel System, the e-PRIAM Frame can accommodate a standard Seat Pack, a LUX Carry Cot, and an infant car seat. And there’s no need to choose between sophistication and superior smart technology: the e-PRIAM Frame is elegantly designed with a range of colors including rose gold, chrome and matte black, while the Seat Packs are available in several stylish colors and special editions—bringing a fashion sensibility to your powered stroll.


  • The e-PRIAM smartly adapts to all types of surfaces and stroller loads (max. 55 lbs.) to make the user’s journey as effortless as possible. When traveling uphill, the pushing force on the handlebar prompts the system to add powered support. When traveling downhill, the pulling force on the handlebar is translated into braking support, which slows the stroller down. The logic is always the same, the system detects the forces applying on the stroller and then uses this information—along with other information such as speed, distance and time of travel—to determine how to react.
  • Sensors integrated into the handle bar detect the pushing / pulling pressure
  • Motors attached to the rear axis next to the wheels
  • Battery indicator (5 LEDs)
  • Power button to turn on the system

Key Benefits:


Ease of use & less physical strain for the parent
With the Smart Uphill and Downhill Assist, sensors integrated into the handle bar detect pushing and pulling pressure on the handle and adjust the support accordingly. This is done in a smooth and intelligent way so you maintain the same effort when pushing the stroller uphill or downhill as when you would stroll it on a straight road. The electronic functions can assist climbing a slope of up to approximately 25%, similar to the incline of Lombard Street in San Francisco.


Ensures a smooth ride for both parent and child
Not every road is a smooth one. For times when you are travelling over surfaces such as cobblestone, sand, snow, or gravel, the Smart Uneven Surface Assist makes smart adjustments to ensure you have the same comfortable feeling of strolling along a straight and even road.


  • Brand: Cybex
  • Model: ePriam
  • Model number: 519003327
  • Color in Indigo Blue
  • Frame in Matte with Black details
  • Folded dimensions incl. wheels and Seat Pack: 37.4" L x 23.6" W x 15.8" H
  • Most compact folded dimensions incl. Seat Pack (wheels disassembled):33.5" L x 20" W x 11.8" H
  • Weight: 33.7 lbs.
  • UPC: 4058511701462
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