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NutraOrigin Omega 3 Ultra Purified Emu Oil Pets Dogs Cats Topical Skin Therapy

Chances are, you moisturize your own skin every day to keep it moist, supple and healthy - especially in the winter. Cats, dogs and ferrets aren't so different from humans. They can suffer from dry skin just like we can, which can cause excessive scratching and flaky skin. Emu oil is a natural moisturizer that penetrates deeply to get to the heart of dry skin. NutraOrigin's Pets Emu Oil contains ultra-purified, molecularly distilled emu oil - providing a balance of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids - to treat dry skin, dull coat, hot spots and shedding. When an animal's skin is stripped of the oils that keep it moisturized, the skin dries out, which may lead to excessive scratching and flakiness. A lack of Omega fatty acids in the diet can additionally create other problems, such as a dull coat and excessive shedding. NutraOrigin Pets Emu Oil is the perfect solution. Applied topically, not only is Emu Oil a deeply penetrating natural moisturizer, but its content of Omega fatty acids promotes a shiny, full coat and minimizes shedding. And the oil's anti-inflammatory action may help hot spots to heal.

Key benefits:

  • Deeply penetrates the skin to provide excellent moisturization
  • Combats dry, flaky skin
  • Minimizes excessive scratching
  • Minimizes excessive shedding
  • Stimulates skin and hair growth
  • Promotes a shiny, full coat
  • May help hot spots and skin sores to heal

Why Pets Emu Oil is Superior

  • Balanced Omega profile: provides a balanced combination of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids
  • Molecularly distilled: provides high potencies of Omega fatty acids while removing impurities
  • Highest quality ingredients: contains ultra-purified, molecularly distilled emu oil
  • Certified pure: guarantees the absence of harmful heavy metals, pesticides, other contaminants, yeast, mold and bacteria
  • Guaranteed potency: what you see on the label is in the bottle
  • Premium quality: Quality backed by independent inspection
  • GMP-certified: Manufactured and packaged in facilities with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) clean bill of health certification, which assures the highest level of quality

Supplemental Facts:
Dogs, Cats and Ferrets are carnivores. To maintain good health and avoid allergies and diseases, carnivores must be fed a diet rich in meat source fatty acids. When pet's diets contain too many vegetables or grains, the dietary deficiencies or exposure to gluten can cause skin allergies and very serious health issues. Topically apply NutraOrigin Pets Emu Oil to the affected skin area to reduce suffering of skin ailments.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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